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Ground Maintenance Dublin

Ground Maintenance Dublin

To keep your grounds looking their best all year round, Modis Maintenance, a grounds care company located in Dublin, offers unparalleled service in workmanship, dedication, and cost-effectiveness. ground maintenance Dublin provide contracts on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly basis to suit your needs. In addition, we offer one-time services such as clearing, tree surgery, planting, and hard landscaping for those who don’t require regular maintenance.

Our team Ground Maintenance Dublin work tirelessly, are courteous, and wear uniforms to ensure easy identification on larger projects. Residents in the southern Dublin area and surrounding regions can benefit from Modis Maintenance’s grounds maintenance services.

ground maintenance dublin
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Our Ground maintenance services include:

  • Lawn Cutting and Edging/General Lawn Care
    tree work
  • Pruning, weeding, and cultivation of shrubs and bushes.
  • Pruning and maintenance of hedges
  • Maintenance of sports fields and playgrounds.
  • Yard Cleaning/Intensive Maintenance
  • Planting and horticulture exhibitions.
  • Cleaning and order of standard/open areas.

At Modis Maintenance, we provide you with a professional ground maintenance Dublin service team that will maintain the exterior surfaces of your properties in no time. Contact us to learn more about our excellent landscaping and property maintenance services.

Benefits Of Using A Professional Grounds Maintenance Company

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I know the value of first impressions, considering I own a business. Customers and visitors view what you do from the exterior. It makes an impression when someone walks into your driveway or pathway for the first time. A property that is tidy, safe, and well-maintained gives off an excellent impression to guests. Through our service, professionals who lead hectic lives may focus on their work without worrying about anything else.

Our ground maintenance Dublin workers are professionally trained and ready, and their presence enhances the appearance of your home. In addition to attracting visitors, well-kept lawns, flower beds, plants, and bushes raise the value of your home. Our ground maintenance Dublin technicians know how to care for your property and are skilled in landscaping best practices.

What Services Do We Offer

Lawn Care & Grass Cutting Services:

At Modis Maintenance, we know of the difficulty it can be to maintain a commercial property’s appearance. For this reason, we provide different types of businesses with specialized lawn care services! Since every lawn is different, we thoroughly inspect yours to determine exactly what it needs and how often weed control, fertilizer, or grass cutting is necessary. Our Ground Maintenance Service Dublin professionals will mow your lawn beautifully all year round by providing high-quality care on schedule.

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hedge cutting

Shrub & Hedge Maintenance:

Big hedges and solo trees can both rapidly become unmanageable and lose their shape. Seasonal hedge cutting and continuous care are essential for a beautiful landscape. To ensure keep your gardens, hedges, and shrubs are always looking their best, Modis Maintenance provides a commercial hedge trimming service.

Soft & Hard Landscaping:

considerable work to design an incredible company’s landscape. However, if done correctly, it will have a lasting effect on both your employees and clients. We have a skilled external landscaping company that can design, construct, and provide ongoing maintenance to keep the business’s landscape looking alive and well-dressed whether it’s trees, beds, shrubbery, or water features.

Ground Maintenance Dublin
Tree Care & Tree Management Services

Tree Care & Tree Management Services:

At Modis Maintenance, we are passionate about trees. Our focus is to maintain the health and prosperity of trees. Whatever its size, we manage trees with expertise. We have skilled tree surgeons for various commercial properties who specialize in designing beautiful garden layouts and treescapes. However, it goes beyond simple tree trimming! To make your natural surroundings shine out, we also provide expert tree care, removal, and even big tree planting projects.

Ground Maintenance Dublin

Modis’ Maintenance is a full-service grounds care company. Our established systems allow us to deliver industry-leading lawn care and landscape solutions to commercial and residential clients. Built on a family tradition of caring, we are driven by a passion to exceed customer expectations and consistently deliver client satisfaction.